Achievements in Fortified Rice

Letter of appreciation from Govt of Odisha

I am pleased to inform you that your work of benevolence in donating the FRK for fortification in Mid-Day Meal rice in Gajapati District has been highly recognized, appreciated and I believe that it will help a lot in the nutritional process and curb anaemia among school-going students of the District.

Shri Sanjib Kumar Singh

District Officer, Gajapati - Govt of Odisha

Mid Day Meal of Gajapati District, Odisha

To continue the story started by the UN world food program, Rizmaq first supplied and then donated fortified rice to the pioneering Mid Day Meal of Gajapati District, Odisha for research and consumption. It is the first district in India to use the fortification programme with astounding results and has reached 83000 school students in 1323 schools of Gajapati District. Consumption of Fortified Rice has reduced the prevalence of anaemia by 6 per cent in the schoolchildren of Gajapati district. By 2018, Gajapati District Administration aims to reduce the anaemic levels by 10% – 15%

Akshaya Patra Mid Day Meal Scheme

Rizmaq through its previous associations has supplied fortified rice towards the Akshaya Patra Mid Day Meal Scheme in Karnataka, India. It has reached 4,50,000 children

Worldwide distribution

Rizmaq, previously Khairat Al Basit, imported specialty rice and other food grain from India for distribution in Saudi Arabia and other countries in Middle-East & North Africa region